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With the need for secure and audited drug and medicine cabinets, we have introduced MED-SEC. MED-SEC is a complete electronic lockable system to control cabinets, both large and small.


The MED-SEC CPU has the ability to activate door lock/locks, remote opening, monitor door opening, door open, generate daily, weekly and monthly event logs. Logs are compiled as .csv files which can be manipulated using Excel.


We have a selection of activation devices, RFI Proximity cards, digital pads, and bio-metric finger print readers. The readers are connected to the CPU with up to 2 devices (locks) per CPU, one main doors/door, with the ability for a second internal lock for drugs requiring tighter control.


A master unit can be used to administer and control up to 100 cabinets on one site via a LAN. The network traffic is minimal using SNMP packets, and with no need to be connected to the internet, there are few security issues. Should the requirement need connection to a number of remote cabinets outside of a main building and remote sites, we can advise on secure VPN’s for control.

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MED-SEC cabinet


  • No software and license costs
  • A UK manufacturer
  • Our own software, no 3rd party and can be easily adapted to clients needs
  • Our own installation teams
  • All components tested before leaving our workshops
  • We can utilize existing site RFI proximity cards to work with our system
  • The system can be retrofitted to most Medical storage cabinets
  • Master control unit for up to 100 devices
  • Connection requirement
  • Local 240volt power connection
  • Local network connection

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