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Caged and Remote Rooms

A new generation of electronic access control.

We have seen a rapid deployment of monitored, secured and alarms fitted to caged areas in DCs. When companies move to a Co-location DC it will normally be to a caged area inside a dedicated data hall.

Apart from CCTV, there is only security fitted to the main door into the data hall. This could leave your remote caged equipment vulnerable to 3rd parties or even your own disgruntled employees.

By fitting a RACK-SEC proximity system to the cage, the door will be secured, monitored and audited 24/7. And by utilizing the same building security Proximity cards, it will give ease of use by one card entry.

The same system can be used for your remote patching/Hub rooms, SER’s, IT storage rooms.

Multiple doors can be grouped to a central CPU for central administration.

The only requirement for a RACK-SEC system is a local power and network connection to each door.

By utilizing a range of readers to interface with the RACK-SEC CPU you can choose your preference for control.

  • Biomentric ReaderBiometric
  • Digital PadDigital
  • HID ReaderHID

All the features of the RACK-SEC system can be used for stand alone, grouped cages and door security.

Caged Rooms

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