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Reporting and Monitoring

Secom Networks logoRACK-SEC can be fitted as a stand alone or a group. All units can be configured to allow seamless integration as your system grows, making RACK-SEC a totally scalable system.

RACK-SEC Master control - up to 100 Racks can be monitored, Proximity cards can be authenticated and permissions accessed. The master RACK-SEC CPU can be used to cluster groups of up to 20 racks, to a total of 5 groups totalling 100. Entering new cards, accessing permissions and information then downloading from the master unit to all racks in the group can be done in under 30 seconds!

Customise your reporting pages. Print logs to a PDF. Store logs on an excel .csv database. Auto daily, weekly, monthly reporting.

Master Main Page Reporting screen
Master Access Settings Reporting Screen
Master Rack 1 Reporting Screen
Master Reports Reporting Screen
Master Trends Reporting Screen

Security and Access

RFI, EMI and physical protection for control cables, from the CPU 1u unit to the door lock. Rear enclosure fitted to the door lock, no more loose cables draping inside the rack.

RACK-SEC will utilise your existing Proximity cards, Mifare, iclass and HID - all can be used to activate via the correct reader and motorised door handle.

Using our unique cards will keep your complete system self-contained and easier to maintain.

Unique to the RACK-SEC system, is 4 Eye, (Dual Authentication). It uses a proximity reader and digital key pad (Bio-metric finger print reader also available) to authorize entry to a cold isle, and open multiple racks in sequence.

By utilising solenoid latches, RACK-SEC can be fitted to smaller wall mounted racks. Access is by way of Proximity reader or digital key pad which comes with all the features of the RACK-SEC system.

Accessories, Temperature and Humidity probe, fire detection, water detection, power monitor.

Access units
Access units
Access units

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