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Inner Rack Cage Protection

Server Security

We have manufactured a front and rear lockable frame and doors to protect servers from physical disconnection, removal of disks and undesired connections.

The units are manufactured to protect 2u,3u and 4u servers. The frame will fit 25mm above and below the server, and fixed using standard 5/6mm 19” rack mount cage nuts screws and washers.

We see this system as a cost effective deterrent to having a full electronic RACK-SEC door handles.

Network Switch Security

A new addition is the 1u lockable frame to protect network switches. Our clients have requested this unit to protect against staff playing around with A/V racks that have been fitted with network switches, but also wall mount and smaller racks in remote offices.

We are in phase 2 of the design with the lockable switch cage which should be available soon. Please enquire if you have an interest in this type of unit.

Server Secu F
Server Secu R

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