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Asset Tracking

A cost effective, passive active asset tracking system.

ASSET-TRAC - by fitting a sender unit (fitted with a sensitive micro switch connected to a ribbon cable to the front of each server), server moves will be recorded and email an alarm. This system can be connected to any RACK-SEC CPU.

An IR beam detector can be fitted to an ASSET-TRAC sender unit. The beam, when interrupted, will provide an alarm should a storage hard disk be removed from the front of a server. On activation, a message will be recorded on the main GUI and added to weekly/monthly reporting.

ASSET-TRAC - by fitting a sender unit to equipment and installing a RFI tracking unit in strategic positions, it will track around the building, the Data centre and even set off an alarm on exit from the site. It will send an alarm to nominated personnel. All connected to a RACK-SEC controller.


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In development

  • An addressable unit to allow faster deployment.
  • An inline ammeter to record the following, Kw, volts, Harmonics, Power Factor information.
  • Inline power recycling unit.

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