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With the need for protection and auditability of equipment racks becoming a 'must have' rather than a wish list, EAC to rack level has entered the DC security arena.

DSS/PCI compliance has been in place for a number of years which requires physical protection and auditable records to protect credit card data and personal information stored on servers.

GDPR compliance has recently been made mandatory for personal details held on servers. Although the mention of physical security is a bit vague, with likely heavy fines being introduced for non compliance by the EU. The compliance says reporting of any data breach must be notified to the governing body within 72 hours! Therefore, the quicker you can confirm where the breach has happened the better. With EAC you can audit all personnel quickly to eliminate a physical breach.

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Research indicates that 30% of data breaches will likely be from your own personnel!

A DC will normally house different applications and platforms requiring support from a number of services. Do you know how many personnel/service companies have access to your data hall/computer room?

Cleaners, Maintenance Staff, 3rd party maintenance staff, Network Teams, Server teams, 3rd party support server companies and other contractors. Talking with large companies, we have found the average number can be up to 60 plus!

Most entrance doors are protected by a building security proximity card system. This will give you information as to who has entered the room. However, no detail is given as to what rack has been opened. This second line of defence will be a key in the rack swing lock, which can get lost, so personnel just leave a spare key in the most used rack door for convenience.

Some sites have added CCTV to the protected areas. However, due to coverage limitations most do not cover down to rack level.

Now add to the problem when you are using a COLO DC. Even more personnel from other companies working around your racks, mostly unsupervised.

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