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There are two ways of achieving protection with EAC:

  1. One would be the traditional building proximity access system connected via the EAC swing locks. We haven’t seen the take up of this as yet by security companies as reporting seems to be a problem. Also the amount of equipment and interconnect cabling would be a big risk installing in a working DC.
  2. The other is the stand alone system. There are a number of systems on the market. All have their good and bad points. The bad points are the risk and costs! With no installation service, 3rd parties installing and supporting their system, space required on a SQL server, ongoing licenses costs, and support can be very patchy and very costly. Most have the ability to connect to temp/humidity sensors, fire, water detection and connection to intelligent PDU’s.

RACK-SEC provide the complete end to end solution. Our system has no need of SQL space, no ongoing licensing costs and we offer installation and maintenance programmes if required. Most systems companies only supply the system! With the installation in a live rack environment, it is essential competent personnel are used with experience working with live racks.

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